How many buses are there?
There are nine buses chartered by the organizing committee (4 in NCCo, 2 in Kent, 3 in Susssex). All buses have sold out. As there is limited availability for transportation resources through the bus companies, as well as logistic and liability concerns, this will be the final transportation organized by the Delaware Chapter’s committee.

All other transportation posted on the page is outside of the lead organizers of Delaware coordinating and working under the direction of the National team. We cannot guarantee the safety or authenticity of links posted; however, we do understand the desire in our group page to accommodate as many people as possible for the march. You are encouraged to complete due diligence and proceed with caution to ensure your purchase is going towards the march.

**If you are an individual or organization who has chartered their own bus, please fill out this FORM**  This is being used to determine headcount and best staging location for buses and carpools.

***No matter your method of transportation, it is recommended you purchase a metro card in advance to avoid long lines once in Washington.  There is a SmarTrip Card with a One Day Metrorail Pass for $14.50.  This card is pre-loaded with a pass valid for one day of unlimited Metrorail travel.***  The metro lines are expected to be VERY LONG the day of the March.  PLEASE PURCHASE IN ADVANCE. The closest metro stops to the start of the march is Federal Central SW (Blue, Orange, Silver lines). You could also get off at Smithsonian (Blue, Orange, Silver lines) and walk the mall, or get off at L’Enfant Plaza (Green Line) or Capitol South (both on the Blue, Orange, Silver lines) and walk several blocks.

Purchase SmarTrip Card with a One Day Metrorail Pass HERE

What is the pickup location and time?
Each county will have specific pickup locations determined by the bus company. We will have bus captains setting up and checking people onto the buses. Pick up locations have been sent and are updated on TicketLeap.  You should arrive early to check in and get settled. ***EVERYONE MUST PRESENT THEIR TICKET*** Your ticket can be found in your events in your Ticket Leap account.

What are other transportation options?
There are ride share options through other bus companies which other state individuals have been using: Jor-Lin (local in DE),Skeddadle, Shofur, Share the Bus, are a few.  If you would like to have your carpool location be at the bus pick up location, you can caravan down with us. For those who want to caravan down, it is highly encouraged to purchase your parking NOW.  Parking is filling up by individuals and bus companies all over the country.  For those driving, keep in mind there will be many street closures in effect.  It is the responsibility of individuals to determine their driving plan and parking accommodations.
What if the Metro is not working as expected?
Alternatives are Uber or Lyft or Taxi, but their accessibility will also be limited due to street closures.

What if I can no longer attend?
If you are unable to attend and have purchased a ticket for the buses, please be courteous and let others know as there are many people who wish to attend the March and were unable to secure a ticket from the buses chartered by the organizing committee. If you sell or give your ticket to someone else, you MUST provide the ticket to the person(s) you are giving to as they MUST be presented to get on the bus.

Is there a waiting list?
There will be no formal waiting list maintained by the organizing committee.

What about Lodging?
If you are planning to stay you are solely responsible for lodging arrangements. Please note this is a very busy weekend in DC.