Sister Marches

Will there be a march in Delaware if I can’t make it to DC?
Yes!  Delaware Women for Inclusion has lead the effort to ensure those Delawareans who cannot participate in DC are still able to demonstrate. Details can be found HERE.

Route of the march: starting at UUFN (420 Willa Road, 19713), down Willa Rd. to W. Park Place, To S. Main St, then down S. Main St to E. Main St., to Tyre Ave, to Delaware Ave to Chapel St, to E. Park Place, W. Par Place to Willa rd to UUFN.

Parking will be available in the lot at UUFN, and on Willa Road across the street from UUFN (but NOT on the same side as UUFN).

The National page also has Sister Marches listed nationally and internationally!sister-march