What is the National logo?
National logo information is saved HERE with identity guidelines included on how to utilize the various logos. The logo represents a diverse group of women, standing together and ready to speak. The official logo will become more powerful over time with frequent and consistent use.  Please use!

Will there be National merchandise?
Yes! You can find National Merchandise on the National website HERE

Will there be merchandise to unify Delaware?
Delaware tees and sweatshirts have been created but time to purchase is extremely limited. Purchase here. **IMPORTANT**: for guaranteed delivery by Jan. 20th, purchase NO LATER THAN Dec. 30 (Fri) at 11:59 Eastern. Later orders *might* arrive in time but are not guaranteed. All profits will go directly to a Delaware women’s charity chosen by everyone who buys one (an online vote will be held after the 21st) – see Bonfire for details on participating in nomination and voting.

The organizing committee has also explored options through Vista Print for creating small banners (examples below) for marchers to carry with them if you choose. The point of contacts for the state will each have a banner. The banner in the image is 1.7 ft x 3ft, and it is $21 (if you choose to create and purchase one of your own accord).