March Itinerary

The Women’s March on Washington, taking place on 1/21/2017 from 10AM to 5PM, plans to start the rally at Independence Avenue and Third Street SW, in front of the Capitol. From there, demonstrators will march west along Independence; however, the National organizers have not released an official route at this time.  Expect the route to be a maximum of 2 miles (although it will likely be less). There will be food trucks available, and all the museums and shops which normally operate will also be opened.

Excerpt from the National logistics coordinator from Washington Post article: “Ultimately we want to have the attention focused on Congress and lifting up our concerns to them,” said Janaye Ingram, the head of logistics for the Women’s March on Washington, adding that organizers are also committed to sending their message of women’s equality to all levels and branches of government.

National continues to work closely with all of the relevant police entities to ensure a safe march with all logistics in place to accommodate the number of people anticipated convening.

For Delaware meet location – as of right now, there is no specific meeting location for Delaware.  With tens of thousands of people expected at the March, the logistics of trying to secure a meet location for all Delaware marchers is proving difficult.  There will most likely not be a specific location secured for Delaware meet up.  We will continue to try.